What are the current rates for the TUF?

Residents who are within the City limits of Borger will be assessed a flat fee of $6 per month on their utility bills. Commercial customers who do not fit into a category or houses of worship will be charged a flat commercial rate of $8 per month.  Other Commercial rates will be split into 6 tiers based on their trip rate with corresponding flat rates for each tier as follows: 

City of Borger, Texas

Transportation User Fee Schedule
Tier # / TypeMonthly Base Trip Lower RateMonthly Base Trip Higher RateMonthly Charge
CommercialFlat RateFlat Rate $               8.00
Tier I09 $            25.00
Tier II915 $            40.00
Tier III1550 $            55.00
Tier IV50150 $            70.00
Tier V150349 $          150.00
Tier VI350
 $          400.00
ResidentialFlat RateFlat Rate $               6.00

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1. What is a Transportation User Fee (TUF)?
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7. What are the current rates for the TUF?
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