What will the money be used for?

The TUF is projected to generate in excess of $540,000/annually which can only be spend on the the construction and maintenance of of the transportation system.  The money will be support the  repair of poor and high traffic streets (10th Street) rated streets, the maintenance (seal coating programs) for all streets, curb and gutter, and the repair and expansion of the sidewalk system.

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1. What is a Transportation User Fee (TUF)?
2. Why does Borger need a TUF?
3. What will the money be used for?
4. When will the TUF be implemented?
5. How long will the TUF be in place?
6. How do you classify my business?
7. What are the current rates for the TUF?
8. How will I know when my street will be repaired?
9. What did the Council do to offset the cost of the new fee?