5 different ways to experience BORGER!

5 ways to experience Borger!

May 02

5 different ways to experience BORGER

Posted on May 2, 2023 at 3:03 PM by Deidra Thomas

To most outsiders, Borger is known for its sinister past, pump jacks, and industrial roots. And while it certainly lives up to those expectations, there's another side to the "Boomtown" local life that many overlook. 

It’s not just the hustle and bustle of the workforce industry, the influx of city parks and recreational facilities, or the recent revamped Dome Civic and Convention Center that make this small town a destination within itself. Borger is home to several hidden gems including two golf courses, an indoor golf course simulator, an indoor sandbox arena, brewery, a public pool with 5 slides, paintball, glow in the dark bowling, a skating rink, two arcades, Tri-City concerts, college sports, a rodeo arena, epic eats, and a community theater! For a town that teeters around 13,000 residents, these "things to do" provide residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and family friendly entertainment. Plan your trip here

Whether you plan on craft beer tasting, enjoying a show at The Borger Community Theater, or participate in one of the community events, this little city is the meeting point of recreation, creativity, and opportunity. 

1. Step into history

With a visit to The Hutchinson County Historical Museum. Nearly a century old, this multi-story structure dates back to the roaring twenties. The HCHM preserves the history of the county from ancient times to the present day. 


Discover the animals that once roamed these plains thousands, even millions of years ago. Take a look at some of the tools the ancient culture who lived in the area used to protect themselves and feed their families. Imagine the shock Spanish explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado experienced when he saw herds of buffalo on what is now the Texas Panhandle that stretched from horizon to horizon. Think about how remote this area was when Thomas Bugbee established the first ranch in the county north of the Canadian River in 1873. How did John and Maggie Weatherly really feel when they realized that Ace Borger had made himself a millionaire from his purchase of 220 acres of their ranch? 

Whether your interests lie within geology, paleontology, or the discovery of oil, the HCHM has a story for you!
Pro Tip: Ask about the Dinosaur Bones that don't FIT in the exhibit!

2. Local Craft Beer 


The Auld Brewery is a local craft brewery that has gained a reputation for producing high quality, handcrafted beers. The brewery is located in a historical building that dates back to the early 1900s and has been restored to create a unique and inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Auld's offers a wide range of beer styles, including IPA's, stouts, lagers, and more. The beers are brewed using traditional brewing methods and high- quality ingredients, resulting in flavorful and well-balanced brews that are sure to satisfy beer lovers. 

In addition to its excellent beer selection, the Auld Brewery also hosts regular events, such as live music, trivia nights, and food truck rallies. These events offer visitors an opportunity to sample the brewery's beers while enjoying local entertainment and cuisine.

The brewery has become a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, who appreciate the brewery's commitment to quality and community. With its welcoming atmosphere and excellent beer selection, the Auld Brewery is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Borger!

Pro Tip: Try the Linde Lager! Voted a fan favorite in 2021, this crisp American Lager with its mild flavor is a favorite among light or domestic beer drinkers!

3. Visit the Greenhouse!


Thomas Green House is a historic building (most notably for being the former Post Office) turned home, turned back into an antique store and greenhouse. The house was built in 1923 and has been meticulously restored to its original grandeur, providing visitors with a glimpse into the past. 

The store features a wide variety of antiques, including furniture, jewelry, and collectibles. Visitors can browse through the various rooms of the storefront and discover unique treasures from different eras. 

They are also known for their beautiful garden, which features a fountain and gazebo. The garden provides a peaceful oasis for visitors to relax and enjoy while shopping for their own patio greenery! 

Overall, Thomas Greenhouse and Seasons Antiques is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, antiques, and beautiful plants. The unique location and beautiful surroundings make it a special place to explore and discover treasures from the past. 

                               Pro Tip: Ask about their fertilizer! 

                               4. Enjoy the Best Food!


Borger has a diverse food scene that offers something for everyone. From traditional Texas-style BBQ, to Mexican cuisine, there is something for everybody!

BBQ: Borger is known for its BBQ, and there are several restaurants that serve up mouthwatering brisket, ribs, and pulled pork. Popular spots include Hipshots, Sutphens, Holy Smoke, and Texas Rose.

Mexican Food: Borger has several restaurants serving up delicious tacos, enchiladas, and menudo. Local favorites include Takiza Night, The Plaza, Village Kids, Arandas, Jesses Burritos, Rosa's Taqueria, El Tropico, and Lito's.

Cafes and Diners: Borger has several cafes and diners that offer traditional fare, such as burgers, sandwiches, and salads. If you're in Borger and you don't stop by Onions, or The Coffee Ranch, you are missing out!

Pizza: Hungry for pizza? TAKE YOUR PICK! Borger is loaded down with Pizza Joints. Popular spots are Jesses Pizza Co, Romas, and of course Pizza Hut and Little Caesars. 

Dessert anyone? We've got just the spot(s) for you! Stop by CRAVE's drive thru, or even El Tropico to cash in your cravings for something sweet. They offer ice cream, cookies, waffles, drinks, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

5. Get your "Community Spirit" on!

Borger hosts several annual events and festivals throughout the year that bring the community together for fun and entertainment. In addition to these events, Borger also hosts a variety of community events throughout the year such as the farmers/makers market, art exhibits, youth sports leagues, and holiday carnivals. These events help bring the community together and create a sense of pride and belonging. Some of the annual events are listed below.

 1.) Tri-City Concerts
 2.) Beach Bash
 3.) Freedom on Main
 4.) HOPE Gala
 5.) Boomtober Fest
 6.) Hometown Christmas

This is just tipping the iceberg on what this little town has to offer. Plan your visit today!