Unified Land Development Ordinance

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Following the completion of the Boomtown 2040 Comprehensive Plan, the City of Borger began the development of a Unified Land Development Ordinance (ULDO) to update, modernize, streamline and simplify the City's Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.  The ULDO supports the objectives of the  Boomtown 2040 Plan and the adopted future land use map. 

The ULDO will be developed in three modules:

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Zoning DistrictsSubdivision StandardsGeneral Provisions
Land UsesSite DevelopmentReview Bodies
Dimensional Standards
  • Landscaping & Buffering
  • Signs
  • Screening
  • Parking, Loading, & Stacking
Review Procedures
Enforcement, Violations, & Penalties

Current Status

The City is currently reviewing and seeking public input on Module One.  Use the links below to access our surveys to provide your feedback.

Module 1 Citizen Feedback Survey

ULDO Prioritization Survey

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What a Unified Land Development Ordinance IS:

  • Consolidates City’s development-related laws into ONE DOCUMENT

Chapter 10 – Subdivision: How land is divided up for sale; how streets, sidewalks, and other public features are designed

Chapter 14 –Zoning: How land is used, landscaped, parked, and designed, including signs

  • Acts as a SINGLE SOURCE of standards, procedures, and definitions
  • SIMPLIFIES interpretation, administration, and enforcement
  • INCREASES USER-FRIENDLINESS for the development, real estate, and consultant communities

What a Unified Land Development Ordinance IS NOT:

  • PROPERTY TAX POLICY. It will not raise or lower the City’s property tax rate.
  • ANNEXATION POLICY.  Annexation of land is more closely related to a City’s policies.
  • CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM. It does not set a policy for the extension or improvement of public infrastructure (streets, utilities, sidewalks).
  • BUILDING CODE.  A building code regulates how structures are built to ensure their future structural soundness and safety.
  • CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS.  It does not specify how thick subbase, base, and paved surfaces should be, how curb and gutter are built, etc.
  • PROPERTY MAINTENANCE OR NUISANCE CODE. It does not force landowners to maintain vacant buildings or properties free from nuisances or maintenance issues.  ULDC only comes into play if a building or property is being expanded or intensified. 

ULDO Timeline:

ULDO Timeline