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Current COVID-19 Status: 

For immediate updates over the weekend, please see our Facebook page as the website is not always able to be updated remotely. If there are significant changes over the weekend that effect our residents we will post on Facebook and update this page on Monday.

Case Status COVID-19 [Recovered] 7.10.2020-01

View Excel spreadsheet HERE.The Borger-Area COVID-19 will be updated as significant changes occur. Currently our trend line is stable, if there are significant changes we will update accordingly. This data is provided from Hutchinson County/City of Borger Emergency Management as directly given by the State. This is intended to provide some idea of where the Borger-Area stands, numbers may differ from the state’s website as the situation continues to evolve, our number reflects running total reported positive to our OEM directly from the state since our first case, data is provisional and subject to change. See state’s dashboard HERE.

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