Park Special Projects

Park Special Projects are budgeted in the current FY budget and are funded by a voluntary donation on monthly water bills. The FY 2017-2018 budgeted project saw the irrigation system in Keeler Park fixed and included new playground equipment at Yucca Park. The FY 2019-2019 budgeted for new playground equipment at Keeler Park (page 105). Make sure to follow our Facebook for updates and announcements on these park projects. 

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You’ve spoken! Get a sneak peak at the new equipment coming to Keeler Park, chosen by you!

* structure is ADA compliant 

Coming soon: Keeler Park Option 1 

Option 1 comes with two chute slides and a triple rail slide. This playground has panels that include an alien maze panel, a spaceship panel and an animal spinning panel allowing children to participate in interactive and imaginative play. 

Playstructure 1 front