Helpful Tips

Clearly Marked Addresses: Proper addressing will assist your fire department in promptly dealing with your emergencies.

  • Place numbers that are at least 4 inches tall near the front entrance (and/or a location easily visible from the street) in a color contrasted by the color of your home.

What to do when lights and sirens approach:


  • When you are in the right lane, pull onto the right shoulder if there is room and stop or at least slow way down if you are on an open high-speed road.
  • When you are in the left lane and traffic in the right lane is moving onto the shoulder, move right into their lane.
  • If you cannot go right because of an obstacle, the next best thing is to stop. The driver of an emergency vehicle can then anticipate where to move his vehicle.
  • When you are at an intersection with a stop sign or red light and a response vehicle is coming up behind you, stay where you are if you cannot pull to the right.


  • Drive through a red light or stop sign when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind.
  • Make a left turn quickly to a driveway or street.
  • Race ahead to get through a green light or turn before the response vehicle gets there.
  • Disregard and continue to travel despite the response vehicle.

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