Annual Report


The City's 2018 Annual Report is a major milestone for Borger, as it is the first document with technical City information that is strategically designed and created for the general public's accessability. It was created with our citizens in mind and every aspect of it is designed and calculated to reflect the ongoing story of the community we all call home. Inside you will find an overview of official City financial information along with City facts and departmental activities and accomplishments.  The 2018 Annual Report was created in-house by the City's Communications Manager; there was no additional costs for its publication and production. 

2018 Annual Report PDF

Where else can you get one? 

Printed copies are available at City Hall and if there are none available at the moment, one can be printed for you upon request  with our in-house printer. Check our Facebook for announcements and locations of town-hall meetings to discuss and distribute the Annual Report and answer any questions.