Transfer Station

What is the Transfer Station?

The Transfer Station is a large building that all of the solid waste destined for the landfill is brought into.  This refuse is loaded into transport trucks using very large heavy equipment, and taken to the Pampa landfill for disposal. The Tire Container and the Metal Pile are also located at the Transfer Station.  

What is the Scale House?

This is the location that we provide for our customers to bring in their solid waste.  Everything that comes in and out of the Transfer Station is tracked through weight.  When you enter our facility, your vehicle is weighed on a large scale.  Once you have offloaded your materials, you go back across the scales.  Our system calculates the amount of weight that was brought into the facility and calculates the total amount that should be charged.  The Scale House attendant will take payment from you at this time.  We accept cash, local checks, and credit cards. 

What is the Tire Container?

This is the location at our facility where you can place any tires that you bring in.  Landfills will not accept tires.  All the tires that are collected by the City of Borger are shipped to State Rubber and Environmental Solutions LLC, where they are recycled.

What is the Metal Pile?

This is the location at our facility where you can place any metal that you bring in.  This includes items like appliances, BBQ pits, tin roofing materials, tire rims, water heaters, etc.  This material is sent to Scrap Processing for recycling.  Click here to visit our current metal recycling company.

What is the Limb Pile?

The Limb Pile is a facility located to the East of the city on TX Hwy 152. This facility is designated for yard waste and tree limbs ONLY. Yard waste consists of leaves and grass clippings.  NO OTHER SOLID WASTES WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THIS FACILITY. NO EXCEPTIONS.