Vision, Mission & Key Pillars

The following Mission, Vision, and Strategic Pillars were identified and subsequently adopted by the City Council. The Strategic Pillars direct long-term planning and performance measurement programs for our City. In 2020, the Boomtown 2040 Comprehensive Plan was adopted and can be found here. 


"To use our position as the Panhandle’s industrial leader to become the desired destination of the Panhandle."


"To provide high quality and convenient service while creating an environment of equality for community members, businesses, and visitors."

Key Pillars

5 key Pillars were identified with specific milestones to mark progress toward achieving the Pillars.  

Pillar #1 - Community Involvement

  • The City works to ensure a transparent, equitable, and inclusive government by adopting and using flexible communication platforms and methods that engage and reach all aspects of our community.

Pillar #2 - Entertainment Events

  • The City supports events that embrace and create an atmosphere of shared community by sponsoring, advertising, and encouraging inclusive events of all types, including events that drive downtown activities.

Pillar #3 - Housing

  • The City works to develop programs, policies, and procedures that attract and diversify housing opportunities of all types while providing high-quality services that positively impact health & safety, neighborhood integrity, redevelopment, walkability, and quality of life.

Pillar #4 - Industry Diversification

  • The City works to strengthen our long-term economic position by efficiently using existing resources, supporting and coordinating job skill training, supporting industrial diversification and expansion opportunities, and communicating needs and available resources with new and existing industries.

Pillar #5 - Infrastructure

  • The City will provide safe, efficient, cost-effective, and well-maintained infrastructure and transportation systems through strategic community investment opportunities that support public facilities, recreation opportunities, utility infrastructure improvement, and downtown redevelopment that include evolving funding opportunities.