Huber Community Building

Rental & Reservation Policies

 Applicants must be; 21 years of age; primary sponsor of the event; present during the entire duration of the event. The person who signs the application is responsible to maintain proper conduct of all those attending the function.

Huber Building Exterior
  • No City of Borger property may be removed from building at any time.
  • Overnight stay is not permitted, however, special request may be considered.

Rental Fees

  • $40 per day for Borger residents
  • $60 for non-residents

One half of rental and all of the security deposit are due at the time of reservation. Balance of rental fee is due two weeks prior to the rental date.

Security Deposit

  • $40 for Borger residents
  • $60 for non-residents

Security deposits are refunded within 7 to 14 working days after scheduled reservation and/or when all conditions of the contract are met:

  • No damage to facility or property
  • Cleaning, decorating requirements
  • Rental equipment removal and rental time observed
  • First walk through time is met
  • Keys are left where indicated during the pre-event walk through.
  • Facility is locked and secured

Walk Through

A walk through of the facility will be done before and after the event, with a City staff employee, before deposits will be submitted to City Hall for refunds. If person responsible for reservation does not show up for the scheduled second walk through this gives City staff employees the right to do the second walk through without the person responsible for reservation being present. All refunds are subject to the final discretion of the City Manager or his/her authorized designee.


A $25 processing fee will be assessed on all cancelled reservations. Any reservation cancelled with less than 48 hours notice prior to the event, the security deposit will be returned minus the $25 processing fee, however, any rental fees paid will be forfeited.
Johnson Park Youth Center does not except checks. The check writer will be held liable for insufficient fund charges in accordance with the current City policy. 

Parties ending early will not receive a refund for hours not used. If paying by check and the check is returned for insufficient funds, the renter’s reservation will automatically be canceled. The check writer will be held liable for insufficient fund charges in accordance with the current City policy. Parties ending early will not receive a refund for hours not used.

Hours of Use

The Huber Community building is available between the hours of 10 a.m. and Midnight seven days a week. For use outside of these hours special arrangements will need to be made at time of reservation.

Selling / Gambling

Renters may not sell goods or services at the Huber Facility and Gambling Community Center nor are they allowed to charge admission to a function they are hosting as a rental at the facility. Gambling with money is prohibited.

Smoking & Alcohol

On May 15th, 2007 the City Council approved Resolution R-007-07 prohibiting smoking in all City Facilities and property.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited inside or outside of this facility including the parking area. You and your party will be asked to leave the premises immediately. You and each member of your party in violation of Section 4.027 (as it pertains to alcohol) may be cited by the Borger Police Department. Your security deposit will be forfeited.

Tear Down

  • Thermostat may be changed during reservation but, must be set back to 70 degrees by renters, if not the security deposit is at risk.
  • Please shut off all utilities when leaving and make sure building is clean.
  • After hours emergency number is 231-8979 or 273-0930.