General Gym Rules

Review the rules for the Johnson Park Youth Center Complex Gym:

  • Guests must wear a shirt and appropriate footwear at all times. Separate gym shoes are encouraged.
  • Clean, dry, non-marking, (no black sole tennis shoes), athletic shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes, boots, sandals, flip-flops, heels or bare feet are not permitted.
  • No food, chewing gum, sunflower seeds or drinks permitted in the gym. Water in plastic spill proof containers is allowed, but cannot be taken onto the gym floor. No glass containers.
  • No animals or pets are allowed into the gym or anywhere else in the Complex; with the exception of seeing- eye dogs and K-9 officers.
  • No personal music devices allowed. iPods are permitted.
  • Shirts, shorts, sweat pants or warm up suits must be worn at all times. All clothing must exhibit good taste and contain no obscene or offensive words or pictures. Johnson Park Youth Supervisor and staff shall be the judge of proper attire. Towels are recommended to wipe off excess sweat; excess sweat can accumulate on the floor and cause slipping. All personal belongings must be stored in a locker. Do not leave anything on the gym floor.
  • Prohibited: Hanging from the nets, rim, or backboard, dunking, bullying, spitting, gambling, fighting, foul language, threatening, indecent conduct, public display of affection (PDA) or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be allowed.
  • Children under 10 years of age must be supervised at all times.
  • Any player who is bleeding must stop play and report to the front desk for First Aid. All injuries must be reported to the supervisor or staff immediately for First Aid or for parents or guardians to be notified. Important: In case of injury, the guest does hereby waive all claims of liability, personal injury and medical expense payments against the City of Borger or employees.
  • Guests play at their own risk.
  • During busy times, a signup sheet for games may be instituted.
  • The Johnson Park Youth Complex supervisor and staff reserve the right to resolve all conflicts during play on the gym floor. Good sportsmanship is expected for all activities.
  • The John Park Youth Complex supervisor and staff reserves the right to eject anyone (visitors also) who is not following the rules.
  • Only Johnson Park Youth Complex’s basketballs and volleyballs may be used, and are not allowed outside the gym. Basketballs and volleyballs must be checked out at the equipment room by a staff employee. Guest checking out equipment will be responsible for its return. If not returned or damaged, guests must pay to replace or repair, guests will be suspended from all areas of the Complex until replacement or repairs are made. All equipment is to be used in the proper way; no kicking or sitting on volleyballs or basketballs, equipment must be returned to equipment room and checked back in by a Complex staff employee.
  • Gym doors are alarmed emergency exits only. Anyone letting someone in through these doors will be asked to leave and will be suspended from the Complex.