Borger Fire Department provides EMS services 24 hours a day, staffing two ambulances in the Hutchinson County Area. For 12 hours a day, one ambulance responds from the Fritch area, while the second responds from Borger. A third ambulance is housed as a maintenance spare and available for large incidents, community events, standbys, or other emergencies as needed.  Our ambulances are stocked with state-of-the-art equipment and prepared to initiate pre-hospital care for any emergency. All Fire and EMS Staff operate on a 48/96 schedule, or two days on, four days off, with our Firefighters being cross trained as Firefighter/Paramedics or Firefighter/EMT's.

  • We outsource our EMS billing through Emergicon Emergency Medical Biling. If you have questions regarding your bill, please contact Emergicon at 877-602-2060. 

  1. Jeff Stieg

    Jeff Stieg

    EMS Coordinator