Municipal Court

The Municipal Court strives to ensure fairness and equality in the law through courteous and efficient citizen contact. Citizens are treated in such a way as to reflect the values that the City of Borger strives to achieve.


Cases filed in Municipal Court include traffic violations and Class C misdemeanors committed within the City limits and violations of City ordinance.

If you were issued a citation, you must appear by the date written on your citation, bonds, summons, or release papers. You or your attorney may appear in person in open court or by regular mail, email or fax. A PHONE CALL DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN APPEARANCE. Failure to appear by the date noted may result in an arrest warrant being issued. If a complaint is received by the Court against you, you will be notified by regular mail of your court appearance date. You can respond to your citation with the following options by personal appearance, regular mail, email or fax. Please make sure you respond by the date on your citation.


The State Legislature, under its constitutional authority to "create such other courts as may be necessary," has created municipal courts in each of the incorporated cities of the State. By 2002, there were municipal courts operating in approximately 894 Texas cities and towns. The larger cities are served by multiple municipal courts, the number depending on the municipality's population and needs.