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The Borger Fire Department is a fully professional department.  Lead by a Fire Chief, the 24 men of the Department are divided into three shifts consisting each of a Captain, Lieutenant, two Engineers and four firefighters.  The Department is also served by a full time Fire Marshal. The Borger Fire Department serves the City of Borger and outlying areas in a total response area greater than 450 sq. miles.

The Borger Fire Department is a very proactive fire department.  The Department provides first response to all structure fires, vehicle accidents, wildland fires, hazardous materials, dangerous situations, and emergency medical calls within our response area.

Each front line engine is equipped with CAFS (Compressed Air Foam Systems).  CAFS greatly reduces water damage, makes entry safer for our firefighters, and enhances our fire rescue capabilities.    

The City of Borger was the first city in the U.S. to become a Firewise Community.

The Borger Fire Department operates a training division that offers comprehensive training to our industrial partners.  This training includes confined space and high angel rescue, fire extinguisher usage, CPR, H2S, fit testing, and ICS training.   The Department also oversees the City’s Rural/Urban Interface Hazard Mitigation Program.  Through this program, the Department conducts prescribed burns to mitigation the risk of wildfires in the rural/urban interface by reducing the hazardous fuel.

The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts a fire education program in our schools providing valuable information to all ages of kids.  Education also extends to our adult citizens as well through the Departments participation in community events and seminars.  The Department also offers a smoke detector program assisting the elderly and financially challenged residences acquiring and maintaining smoke detectors.  An aggressive and comprehensive fire safety inspection and pre-fire planning program of commercial properties makes sure that the Department is ready to respond with the best and most accurate information to minimize risk and damage.

The Borger Fire Department strives to provide the highest level of excellence in all services it provides.  It’s OUR Community.


Bob Watson
Fire Chief
Fire Chief, Bob Watson
Jerry Langwell 
Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal, Jerry Langwell



Borger Fire Department / 200 North Cedar Street / Phone: (806) 273-0948 
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