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Department of Planning
& Zoning


The Department of Planning and Zoning oversees community development through zoning control and development and implementation of our community's Comprehensive Plan. The Department protects public safety through enforcement of Zoning Ordinances and Building Standards. The Department also oversees Operation Facelift, the removal of substandard buildings, the enforcement of Junk and Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance.

The Department supports and receives guidance from the City Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, Building Standards Commission, and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.


P&Z Agenda

Zoning Board of Adjustment Agenda

Building Standars Commission

Director of Planning & Zoning


Telephone: 806-273 0910

Fax: 806-273-0911

Larry K. Byrd

Contact Larry Byrd at:
Telephone: 806-273-0907
Cell: 806-418-3400
Fax: 806-273-0911
Email address: lbyrd@borgertx.gov

John Montoya
Code Enforcement

Contact John Montoya at:
Telephone: 806-273-0909
Cell: 806-231-1599
Fax: 806-273-0911
Email address: jmontoya@borgertx.gov

Planning and Zoning Department / 600 North Main Street / Phone: (806) 273-0908
Fax: (806) 273-0911



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