Economic Development

Borger, Texas has a strong industrial foundation dating back to its quick rise as an oil “boomtown” in 1926 and Phillips Petroleum Company’s completion of the Alamo Refinery in 1927, just one year after the city’s charter was adopted. Today, the City of Borger and the Borger Economic Development Corporation focus on economic development efforts that will continue to build upon the strong foundation of an economy that is anchored by the presence of primary industry.

The City and the Borger EDC are committed to providing excellent customer service to new and expanding business through the facilitation of multiple programs and incentives. We have an efficient plan review, permitting and inspections process and have a pro-growth City Council that understands and encourages the need to partner with private developers and reward wise investments. The Borger EDC’s recent development of the Borger Business Park has created a space for employers and businesses to expand, and its numerous other programs have been improved to support local and regional businesses in their expansion and retention efforts.

Target Industries

Mike Barnes Group recently provided an assessment of Borger’s current workforce, resources, and market conditions to identify five target industries that have the potential to grow and thrive in Borger. Those are:

  • Plastics
  • Health Care
  • Construction Machinery Manufacturing
  • Power & Communication Line Construction
  • Retail Trade

Visit the Borger EDC website to learn more about opportunities for these industries and others to expand in Borger.

Retail Opportunities

The Borger EDC recently completed a retail study with The Retail Coach, LLC. The student identified Borger’s primary retail trade area of 22,000 residents and identified potential sales growth for dozens of retail segments. The finished report includes a retail gap analysis, psychographics and other information to assist you in choosing Borger.

Visit our Community Retail Dashboard to learn about $158 Million in retail opportunities in Borger, Texas

The Borger Economic Development Corporation

The Borger Economic Development Corporation is a one-stop-shop for developers, site selectors, and businesses seeking to select sites and indentify possible incentives for industrial and manufacturing operations, service industry, distribution, regional warehousing, restaurants, and retail.

Economic Development Incentives

The Borger EDC offers varying incentive packages to encourage businesses to locate in Borger. If offered, these packages can include cash grants, land grants, and forgivable loans. The City and Borger EDC may also consider partnering with a business for a commercial site cleanup and asbestos abatement.

Retail and restaurant operators have shown revived interest in Borger. Recent new businesses include general merchandise, banking, telecommunications, as well as several new family owned restaurants. There are opportunities for millions of dollars of new retail in Borger! See our Retail Dashboard to learn more.

380 Agreements

The City of Borger also offers incentives to new and expanding businesses, including 380 Agreements for sales and ad valorem tax rebates. Businesses who are constructing a new facility or significantly renovating an existing facility may qualify for a 380 Agreement. Please contact Katie Lingor, Borger EDC Executive Director, at 806-521-0027 or for more information.

Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses

The Borger EDC has recently developed the Borger Business Park to ensure property is available for expanding businesses or business relocating to Borger from outside the region.  The Borger Business Park allows the City of Borger and the Borger EDC to offer reduced cost land to businesses which create primary jobs, such manufacturing and industrial facilities, recycling facilities, distribution centers, and small warehouse facilities. Businesses which support these primary industries and their employees might also be eligible for reduced cost land at the Borger Business Park.

For additional information about any of our incentives or programs, Please visit the Borger EDC website or contact Katie Lingor, Borger EDC Executive Director, at 806-521-0027 or for more information about opportunities. 

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