Community Bulletin Board Policies

The City of Borger Community Bulletin Board is a computerized listing of public service messages that runs on Channel 11 whenever video segments are not airing. The bulletin board provides a listing of community events, community services, and other non-commercial advertising. The Bulletin Board is maintained and managed by the City of Borger.


Eligible Participants

Entities and groups eligible to submit messages for airing on the City of Borger Community Bulletin Board include:

  • Local governments
  • Local non-profit organizations
  • Local private and public educational institutions
  • Local service groups
  • Local social and recreational clubs and organizations

Message Preemption

While all messages are deemed important, event information will be preempted by the City of Borger to provide feature programming and/or critical information to viewers.

Message Evaluation

Each message is reviewed by the City of Borger for conformance with eligibility and content guidelines. The City Manager or his/her designees have the authority to control the information aired on the municipal channel and may exercise discretion to accept, reject, or edit any information submitted for broadcast. Priority is given first to City sponsored events and information, then to submitted messages.

Message Content Requirements & Restrictions


  • Obscene, libelous, slanderous material or content
  • Solicitation of funds or promoting the sale of products other than for non-profit organizations
  • Unauthorized use of copyrighted information or trademarks


  • Messages may be submitted in writing to the Technology Department in person, by mail, email or fax.
  • Messages must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the requested start date. Exceptions may be granted by the City Manager.
  • Messages must be brief and all messages are subject to editing and condensation.
  • Time sensitive messages will be displayed through the day of the event or specified deadline when possible.
  • Messages must meet all Federal programming policies, and regulations
  • Messages with no specific event time or deadline will be displayed for as long as space permits at the City’s discretion.


The City of Borger Community Bulletin Board is provided as a public service. Therefore, while the City shall endeavor to ensure that the messages submitted by individuals/organizations are transmitted accurately and in a timely manner, the City assumes no liability in connection with the Bulletin Board and makes no warranties or representations that any message will in fact be transmitted accurately or at any particular time. The responsibility for the factual accuracy of the information as submitted rests with the originator of the information.