Liability & Security


All renters agree to pay for any damage done to the facility, grounds, or furnishings by themselves, their guests, caterers, or employees during or pertaining to their rentals. A signed contract covering this aspect will be required at the time of rental application. If damage should occur, notification will be given to the renter as soon as damages have been determined. If repairs or clean up by City staff are required the renter will be financially responsible for the cost of the repairs and clean up not covered by the deposit.

The City of Borger is not responsible for anyone injured on the premises, personal property left on the site, or rental equipment. Thermostat may be changed during reservation but, must be set back to 70 degrees by renters, if not the security deposit is at risk.


Security deemed necessary by the renter or the City of Borger staff will require use of Borger police personnel. All reservations with alcohol permits, 76 or more guests will require security. The renter will be responsible to make this arrangement and pay all fees at the Johnson Park Youth Center.


Children, under age 17, must be supervised. An adult to child ratio of 1:20 is required.