Rental Fees

Rental Fees

  • $25 per hour (maximum of $100 per day) for Borger residents
  • $150 per day for Hutchinson County residents
  • $200 per day for non-residents

One half of rental and all the security deposit are due at the time of reservation. Balance of rental fee and alcohol permit is due two weeks prior to the rental date.

Security Deposits

  • $125 for Borger residents
  • $175 for Hutchinson County residents
  • $225 for non-residents


Security deposits and alcohol permits are refunded within 7 to 14 working days after scheduled reservation and/or when all conditions of the contract are met:

  • No damage to facility or property
  • Cleaning, decorating requirements
  • Rental equipment removal
  • Rental time observed
  • First walk through time is met
  • Keys are dropped off at the Borger Police Department by 1 a.m.
  • Facility is locked and secured

If facility is not left locked and secured the security deposit will be forfeited and possibly the alcohol permit and additional charges if the facility is vandalized. 

Walk Through

A walk through of the facility will be done before and after the event, with a City staff employee, before deposits will be submitted to City Hall for refunds. If person responsible for reservation does not show up for the scheduled second walk through this gives City staff employees the right to do the second walk through without the person responsible for reservation being present. All refunds are subject to the final discretion of the City Manager or his/her authorized designee.

Non-Profit Groups

Non-profit groups are not charged an hourly fee, but are required to pay a security deposit. Non-profit rentals are defined as groups with a 501(c) (3) status. Non-profit groups may reserve the community center on a quarterly basis, with not more than one reservation per quarter.