Fire Crews

The Borger Fire department operates with three 24 hours shifts. There are 8 men per shift and each shift is commanded by a Captain and supported by a Lieutenant.

  1. Captain Galloway

    Mike Galloway

    A Shift Captain

A Shift

  • Captain Mike Galloway

  • Lieutenant Kel Schoenhals

  • Driver Tel Walden

  • Driver Hunter Bowery

  • Firefighter Jeramiah Wiley

  • Firefighter Jeremy Nix

  • Firefighter Richard Duffendack

  • Firefighter Jacob Turner

A Shift
  1. Captain Burleson

    Shawn Burleson

    B Shift Captain

B Shift

  • Captain Shawn Burleson

  • Lieutenant Justin Hart

  • Driver Tristan Hilton

  • Driver Clay Lozier

  • Firefighter Alex Spielbauer

  • Firefighter Brian Earls

  • Firefighter Matthew Moon

  • Firefighter Rand Montgomerey

B Shift
  1. Captain Rivera

    Gabe Rivera

    C Shift Captain

C Shift

  • Captain Gabe Rivera

  • Lieutenant Stacy Nolen

  • Driver Cory Kirk

  • Driver Justin Williams

  • Firefighter Bobby Mendoza

  • Firefighter Devin Lanier

  • Firefighter Leonides Aguirre

  • Firefighter Carlos Cruz

C Shift